Tampa’s Top Social Media Influencers



Influencers From Around The Bay

Tampa is home to many great leaders and influencers The list below includes some of the most influential people in the Greater Tampa Bay area. We compared data from the following sources to find our top influencers.

Data Sources


Being an influencer involves more than having a large amount of followers. Influencers make an impact on their audience. When an influencer speaks their opinion about a topic the audience listens and their perspective of the topic is effected.

We looked at the people who are making a big impact in the area. We wanted to find the connectors that change the way we look at things. Here are some of the biggest influencers in Tampa Bay.


behrman-160Elizabeth Behrman twitter linkedin  

Elizabeth is a Reporter for the Tampa Bay Tribune. She has been a reporter for several other news outlets including the The North Florida Herald and the  Jacksonville Business Journal.



perez-160Sarah Perez twitter linkedin facebook google +

Sarah is a writer for Tech Crunch. Previous to Tech Crunch Sarah was writing for ReadWriteWeb and Microsoft.




hayes-160Stephanie Hayes twitter linkedin facebook

Stephanie is an author, blogger, and reporter at the Tampa Bay Times. Stephanie has a passion for writing and fashion. She began working at the Tampa Bay Times as a writer at the age of 19 but has been passionately writing since the age of 6.




snyder-160David Snyder twitter linkedin google +

David is the CEO of CopyPress, a content marketing and copywriting agency. CopyPress is respected as one of the worlds leaders in content marketing. Previous to CopyPress David was the CEO of Tampa business incubator SteelCast.




marc-topkin160Marc Topkin twitter linkedin

Marc is a sports writer for the Tampa Bay Times. He has been writing about the Tampa Bay Rays since 1987.




morten-160Dr. Morten Middlefart twitter linkedin facebook google +

Dr. Morten is the CTO of Targit, a business intelligence and analytics software company. Dr. Morten is a native of Denmark and holds more US patents than any other citizen of Denmark and is recognized as a thought leader in Business Intelligence.




greg-wilson160 Greg Wilson twitter linkedin facebook google +

Greg is the Director of Creative Cloud Evangelism at Adobe. He manages Adobe Creative Suite evangelists around the world. Greg founded a company called Q-Link Technologies, which was acquired by Adobe in May of 2004. Greg has also worked at NASA, Boeing, and Motorola as an application software manager and application development manager.