Hottest Places for Social Check-in’s in Tampa, FL



map-marker-small-hi (1)Checking in on social media is a great way to keep a personal diary of the places you’ve visited, as well as update your friends on your whereabouts. People in Tampa are checking in on social media everyday. We pulled some numbers to see which Tampa locations where getting the most check-ins. We were shocked with what we found!
Here are the results of our study.


               1. Tampa International Airport

               2. Raymond James Stadium

               3. Tropicana Field

“Winning friends begins with friendliness.” – Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends & Influence People.

logo-with-chart_03We plotted the data on a map to make it easy to find top check-in locations near you. Click on the markers to learn more about each location.


Check-In Data by Segment

Here is a breakdown of Tampa’s top social media check-in’s by different segments. The data is segmented by county, business type, and Facebook/Foursquare check-in ratio.