How to Drive Foot Traffic With Google AdWords


In this video Google provides a great overview of how to drive local traffic to brick and mortar shops using Google AdWords. We summarized the 20-minute video and provide some actionable tips to help you hit the ground running. This guide will help your local business make the most of your campaign budget by targeting your ads to the right people and by giving them incentive to come into your store.


map-marker-iconExplanation of Location Targeting

Google AdWords permits very precise location targeting. Gaining an understand of allowable targeting parameters will help you reach a very specific audience. AdWords permits targeting by country, state, metropolitan area, city, or zip code. You can target people that are currently located in those locations or people that are interested in those locations. The later option is what we call “search intent”.


google-plus-iconGoogle Plus Local Pages

Creating a Google+ or Google Places listing is critical to the success of your local business. Verifying the location of your Google+ location is critical. Google will send a verification code to your physical address. It’s very important to verify your account with this code immediately when you receive the code.


location-extension-iconLocation Extensions

Google offers a tool called “Location Extensions”. This is a very powerful tool that allows your ads to display the physical address that is listed on your Google+ page. This will give your target audience more confidence in the information which will help get them into your store. You can also manually link your places with your ads if you do not wish to create a Google+ page.


call-statsCall Extensions (and Call Reporting)

This extension allows users to call you directly from the ad. This works by detecting the type of device the user is using. When users see your ad on a mobile phone, they can call you just by clicking the link in the search results ad. This technique allows your ad to stand out from other ads and has proven to increase phone calls from our experience. Google also offers another service in conjunction with this extension for collecting data on phone calls received from Google ads. This advanced reporting will give you information on the users area code and location.


iphoneBenefits of Mobile Specific Campaigns

Setting your keywords and match types can help improve your performance with mobile users. Most users enter shortened versions of search queries when using mobile phones. By illuminating lengthy keywords you will see a better performance with exposure to mobile users. It’s also important to only drive users to pages that are mobile friendly. If your landing page is not mobile friendly the user will bounce.


clipboard-iconTips on Writing Great Ads that Go to the Right Landing Page

If the goal of your ad is to get visitors into your physical location adding a map is a great idea. Try to use landmarks and well known intersections to get the user seeing and thinking about your physical location. If the visitor sees images of familiar places they will be more likely to remember where your store is located.


calendarAd Scheduling

Scheduling your ads is simple and effective. This can be useful for businesses offering different services at different times. A restaurant for example could run ads for breakfast early in the morning and ads for dinner in the afternoon and evening. A business can also put a limited time offer in the ad itself and schedule the ad to run up to the deadline. For example a deal similar to this one, “Stop in Before Noon For 15% Off”. The business owner could schedule this ad to run from 7am to 11:45am. This would ensure that their offer is optimized for success.



The above tools and tactics will allow advertisers to gain more control over the success of their ads and allow them to drive more traffic into their physical stores.