21 Digital Lands Social Media Management Responsibilities for Online Steak Company, Best Filet Mignon



Best Filet Mignon has chosen a local Tampa Bay digital agency, known for out of the box thinking, 21Digital, to manage their social media. Best Filet Mignon is an online company that sells high quality Filet Mignon products that are shipped fresh—NEVER frozen.


“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Best Filet Mignon,” said Kevin Marshall, 21DigitalPresident. “Our specialty is social media management and I feel confident we can help grow their fan base and engagement in order to help grow their business!”

21Digital will handle the company’s social media management efforts – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest – as well as other online assignments.

Ed Diaz, Best Filet Mignon President, enthusiastically endorses the choice. “We see social media as a way to increase our awareness and educate people as to the benefits of our premium filets. 21Digital offers us a great opportunity to bring their expertise to that effort.”

The online filet mignon site is a result of a group of food lovers, all of whom have worked in the culinary industry for decades, constantly searching for the world’s most perfect steak. This dedicated group of “foodies” discovered a steak with unmatchable flavor and quality that met their exacting standards. The rest, as they say, is history—sharing this find with the public!


They to expand their offerings in the near future, beyond just filets. Although there is competition, from start to finish, a difference exists in quality that separates Best Filet Mignon from everyone else. Distinctively superior steaks that have been handpicked, cut fresh and delivered to consumers’ doors is the main differentiator. It begins with hand selected cattle from the northern Midwest, on a strict 100% vegetarian diet, with no antibiotics or hormones ever used. It ends with shipping. These fine cuts of filet mignon are never frozen, arriving fresh with a quality unsurpassed. Once a consumer samples the product, they become a customer for life.