21 DIGITAL was created to serve the growing need for businesses of all sizes to plan and execute effective and efficient online campaigns - whether it be through our Social Media Management Service, SEM (AKA Paid Search or Search Engine Advertising) or more "traditional" multi-screen opportunities such as banner ads, mobile, text and partnering with other sites to create meaningful digital promotions.

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  • Social Media Management

    Utilizing a state of the art social media management platform we can manage your social media efforts by:

    • Setting up or enhancing the look of your page – add new tabs or sections to your page.
    • Providing daily content relative to your business. Some of it will be promoting your business. Some will be posts designed to engage customers that may be light or fun.
    • Monitoring comments on your page and engaging those that leave comments
    • Coming up with contest or promotional opportunities for your fans and customers.
    • Increasing engagement with the people that LIKE your page – more engagement means more opportunities to reach them and increases your score with the various social platforms.
    • Expanding the number of people that like your pages by promoting to your current customers and utilizing inexpensive Facebook (and other social media) advertising methods.

    Contact us today for a free consultation or evaluation of your current social media sites.

  • Paid Search (AKA Pay Per Click)

    Paid Search is as important, if not more important, than SEO because of the way Google has formatted their search results page. Paid search ads appear at the top of the page and you want to be there. We can help you be there in a cost-effective manner by:

    • Working with you to choose the key search terms for your marketing goals.
    • With our "smart" proprietary platform we can monitor and optimize your search campaigns 24/7/365.
    • Maximizing your results by utilizing different creative messages related to the search term – we don″t use generic messaging for all of your keywords.
    • Working with you to make sure that landing pages are set up that are relevant to the search. We have found that sending people to your home page diminishes the effectiveness of the campaign.
    • Providing feedback and plans to enhance the success of your campaigns over time.
    • Timely reporting with explanations of how your campaign is performing – not just reports for you to interpret.

    All paid search ad campaigns are not the same. There are many different elements that play into the formula for a successful search campaign. Contact us today for a free consultation or evaluation of your current campaign.

  • MULTI-SCREEN AD CAMPAIGNS - Online/Mobile/Text Ad Campaigns

    We offer successful campaigns in these areas by:

    • Ensuring you are in the right space with the right messaging
    • Making sure your website is optimized for the many ways people are viewing it. Mobile and tablet website viewing is growing exponentially every year.
    • Creating or enhancing a text program for your customers. Growing and managing that valuable database and sending messages to them that are meaningful to them.
    • Banner ads, expandable or streaming video ads, take-overs, and website sponsorships or integrations will help expand your campaign.
    • Text campaigns and page/site integration to help our clients target their customers online.

    Whether online is a major part of your campaign or a compliment to more traditional media your customers are there. We have the experience and tools to reach them. Contact us for ideas on how to make your online/mobile/text presence meaningful and effective.

About Us

21digital logo

21 Digital was founded by Kevin and Jennifer Marshall. Kevin and Jennifer have owned Marshall Advertising, a Tampa, Florida-based advertising agency with large local, regional and national clients since 2000.

Kevin and Jennifer:

"The decision was made to create 21 Digital to showcase the services being offered in this new and ever-changing digital world. We are excited about this venture and the opportunities this affords us to help grow our clients’ business in different and meaningful ways!"

Why         ?

Kevin Marshall grew up in Pittsburgh and his favorite baseball player was Roberto Clemente. Clemente wore the number, 21.

Kevin: «Even though I was very young when Roberto Clemente’s career and life were cut short in a tragic plane accident his on-field feats left a lasting impact on me. As I grew older and learned more about who he was off the field I became even more attached to him. I am very excited about our new venture and enjoy the opportunity to honor Roberto Clemente with the name of our business.»

More on Roberto Clemente:

Roberto Clemente Walker (August 18, 1934 – December 31, 1972) was a Puerto Rican ball player whose Major League career comprised the 18 seasons stretching from 1955 through 1972, all of them played with the Pittsburgh Pirates, primarily as a right fielder.

Clemente was awarded the National League (NL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award in 1966. He was on the NL All-Star team 15 times, received 12 Gold Glove Awards, and led the NL in batting average four times.

In 1972, Clemente got his 3,000th major league hit. Clemente was awarded the National League (NL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award in 1966.

He was on the NL All-Star team 15 times, received 12 Gold Glove Awards, and led the NL in batting average four times.

Tragically, Roberto Clemente's life ended on December 31, 1972 in a plane crash while en route to Nicaragua with relief supplies for earthquake victims. Always the humanitarian, Clemente was on the plane to make sure the clothing, food and medical supplies weren't stolen, as had happened with previous flights. The rickety plane went down off the coast of San Juan shortly after takeoff, and Roberto's body was never found. For his «outstanding athletic, civic, charitable, and humanitarian contributions,» Roberto Clemente was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by the United States Congress in 1973.




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